How to select the best color of the curtain good for sleep?
The curtain are eye-catching in the room, so the Floral Shower Curtain always decide the feeling of the rooms, but also reflects the owner's quality of life and fun. in addition to decorative functions, curtain material, function, comfort is also closely linked with our health. When continuous voice indoor pollution reached 30 decibels, people will be able to interfere with normal sleep. Therefore, the choice of a critical success with a sound-absorbing curtains, texture flocking, cotton, linen better.

There are a lot of farbic of the curtains, such as cotton, linen, gauze, satin, flocking, bamboo, rayon, and so on. Among them, cotton, linen curtains are commonly used raw materials, easy to wash and replace, applicable in the bedroom; gauze curtains, decorative strong sense of depth can enhance interior, good transparency, suitable for use in the living room, balcony use; satin, planting velvet curtains, delicate texture, luxury gorgeous, shading noise performance are good, the price is relatively high; bamboo texture clear, good lighting effect, and wear, moisture, mildew, fade, applicable in the living room and balcony; rayon curtains are very hard, what are easy to wash and durable.
When continuous voice pollution reached 30 decibels, people can nor sleep well. so a curtain can block the noise is very important, the curtains made with cotton or linen are better.
If the color of the curtain is too deep, which can make people feel depressed for a long time; bright color are not good, some newlyweds prefer colorful curtains, which cause visual fatigue over time. its better for you to select the curtains with light green, light blue and other natural color, which make people feel good; easy to insomnia, you can try to choose red, with black curtains, helps to sleep as soon as possible.
During the winter, warm curtains need to consider the issue, flocking curtain fabric thick, warm and good. Based on the Japanese interior designer, in all colors, the deep red of the most warm, suitable for winter use. If you want to sleep in a comfortable nap during the day, the best choice is a bedroom with blackout pier1 curtains effectiveness, cotton or flocked is best.

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