Curtains have become more and more important in home decoration, the curtains with different style and color creat different feeling in the house, so its very important for us to select nice curtains, then how could we select Nursery Curtains, today i will show you four tips, wish can help you.

First, the fabric
In general, living room, bedroom and study the same material can be selected curtains, owners curtains if you do not choose to worry about heavy material or thin material, is to choose the most suitable double curtains, the inner layer is thin material, the outside layer is heavy material, so you can easily change the curtains according to the season and weather changes.
Second, the color
The colors of the living room curtains better be bright, which are easy to create lively atmosphere conducive to conversation with friends or working owners learn ; bedroom is the best choice for curtains in warm tones, this color is easy to create a warm atmosphere conducive to human restful sleep.
Third, the quality
After a good selection of curtain material and color, the owners have to do is check the quality of the curtain, and that needs to compare the characteristics of the owners of all kinds of fabrics, look you in the purchase of the optional curtain cloth before purchase meets their fabric features previously read, and if so, you can pay for the purchase.
Fourth, the size
The size of the curtain is not just cover the window, if the length is shorter than the width of the target curtains, no good decorative effect, in general, longer than the width of the curtain length looks best, if the window the area is large, then the owner can hang the pieces in this large window curtain, so many of them will look better than a big and wide hanging curtains.


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