In the first time, the curtains just have single function. That is thermal function. Till now with the development of the curtains, a curtain always have all blackout function, soundproof function, insulated function, thermal function and so on. This is all because of the development of science and technology. But with the progress with the science and technology, the material of making curtains become more and more. Except the natural material, there are also manmade material. All of this material are related on our healthy. The experts mention us, in different seasons we better use different material of curtains. It is good for our healthy. Now we use the sheer curtains as our example. Then I will explain the functions of sheer curtains for you next.


As we all know, the changing seasons is the time we easy to be hurt. So at this time we also easy to get gold, cough and so on. At this time the doctor will give us medicine. And they also will give us other suggests. Such as notice something in our daily life. Because there are so many bad habits in our daily life will cause diseases. The material of curtains are different, they have different effect on healthy.


The expert suggest us, in the season easy to get cough or cold, people better avoid to using some thicker curtains. You won’t believe that actually use the?sheer curtains?will have better function to stop the harmful bacteria into our house. And we need to clear the curtains often and keep our live environment cleaning. Changing and washing the curtains in several time. Cleaning the dust around the curtains. The thicker curtains will get more dust on them. So there is more harmful bacteria on them. If your respiratory tract is sensitive, you must pay more attention on cleaning the live environment. Especial the bedroom curtains, they are must be clean. If you use the sheer curtains is better.


According to different seasons, we choose different material of curtains. We not only keep our bedroom warm and comfortable. But also we need to use the healthy curtains.


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