The living room will be used for the VIP or guests, so the decoration of the living room could not be the same with bedroom, we need to give others different feelings, even we could let others feel the warm, then the choice of Blue Curtains Living Room will be the important point for the whole living room, then as the master of the room, I think it is very important to know the tips of the Blue Curtains Living Room, now we will have a brief description of it.

First we could see the two panel type, which is very simple without accessories, the size could be changed, and no matter it is suspension or lift is very simple, it is very suitable for most of families, usually it is the two panel type, then there are many fabrics, different method to make it, with the different fabrics, since the effect of the curtains will be different, at the same time, it makes people very comfortable.

Second there is the shade type in the design of the Blue Curtains Living Room, it could be different from the sunshine, when the sunshine goes into the windows, this windows could not influence the sunshine, at the same time, it could be the blackout effect, at the same time, you also could add some objects to make the atmosphere, at the same time, it could be one side, if you don’t like it, then it could be two sides, the hemline will be very pretty.
Third Blue Curtains Living Room with valance, this style is somewhat complex, but the effect is good, it could cover some shortcomings and make the house more pretty.

Fourth the fixed Blue Curtains Living Room, it could be used in the fixed condition.

At last, the lace and tulle Blue Curtains Living Room which are belong to girls could give us the soft feeling, the soft tulle would swing with the blowing, it could give us the dreaming, there are many colors for us to choose, such as the purple, white, pink or red.

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